Jodi-Ann Pearton

Goldcrest is proud to have as our Young Chefs of the Year Competitions Director, Jodi-Ann Pearton. In this important role, Jodi-Ann is responsible for developing the guidelines of competitions, running competition workshops and setting judging criteria for various competitions. She sits on the Board of Directors at The South African Chefs Association and ensures WACS criteria are followed for all WACS-accredited competitions. Within the Association, Jodi-Ann provides guidance for and mentorship of chefs entering competitions.

With a lifelong passion for food, Jodi-Ann began her journey by studying at Silwood Kitchen. During her second year of studying she began competing in culinary competitions – and has since won almost every culinary competition in South Africa as well as gold medals in competitions abroad. She has worked in fine dining in South Africa and in Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. Jodi-Ann now owns a food research and development company called The Food Design Agency.

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