Vriesenhof Wines – Honouring only the finest

Goldcrest is proud to welcome on board Vriesenhof Wines – as a sponsor of the Goldcrest Young Chefs of the Year 2014 Awards Ceremony.
At Vriesenhof, wine is not merely made, it is lived: a rich tradition that celebrates a solid partnership with nature and a deep respect for quality borne out of patience and passion. Every bottle of Vriesenhof is testament to an innate respect for the earth and a commitment to producing fine wines with origins in the rich shale soil. Here, traditional wood maturation methods combine effortlessly with modern fermentation and ageing processes – under the careful guidance of cellar master Jan Boland Coetzee.
At our prestigious awards ceremony, Vriesenhof is showcasing two of its finest offerings:
Paradyskloof Chardonnay 2013 is a wine with a full palate showing fresh and lively characteristics with aromatics of citrus and lime on the nose and flavours of green apple. Paradyskloof Pinot Noir Blend 2011 “Celebration” pays tribute to 30 years of Paradyskloof wines. Here is a choice that is made for sharing special times with friends and family – one of life’s finest and most wonderful pleasures.

Vriesenhof Wines
Stellenbosch, South Africa
+27 21 880 0284

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